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June 11 2015

thenevermindpalace replied to your post “whereverigoyougobuddy replied to your post “Please… can you never…”
child ill still be here like im gonna be blogging in the after life

Actual footage of us still going strong approx. 80 years from now:

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“I say ‘yes’ a lot. It looks like I’ve been a circus bear, but it’s more fun to do that sort of thing than to endlessly recycle answers.”

whereverigoyougobuddy replied to your post “Please… can you never change your tumblr cover? Or at least keep…”
May i sit off in the corner? I promise not to bother you, i’d just enjoy the gifs an shit…

Why of course, you’re more than welcome to join us, the more, the merrier :D

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Sir Thomas Sharpe can seem lovely, charming and sweet…(tbc)

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This is why I love my country: (x)

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i’m so sorry for the shitty graphic i have a terrible photoediting program but that’s no excuse and also for joss whedon in the background i didn’t want to crop tom’s shoulder out

my blog had its first birthday a few days ago, and i officially turned ancient a day earlier than that. therefore, i believe a follow forever is in order! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

mutuals are bolded

favorites are italicized

♥  the (skinny) steve to my bucky & the frigga to my loki  ♥

a - e

aaronstaylorsjohnsons ✫ aavengrs  alfheimrsamyskhaleesi  awbucky ✫ batchenfall  beardedchrisevansbluedudexoobootycapbravemellarkbravepriorbuckycapburningsilvertonguecapsbooty captnadorablecaptr0gerschrisevansisbeautifulchrisevanssourcedamnyouhiddlesedithsprior enchantedbyhiddlesestychan

f - l

forassgardforeverlokidfromhiddleswithlovegofuckyourselftomhiddleston  ✫ hemswcrth hiddlesluscioushiddlespeariumhiddleston-dailyiamthekingofsassgardifuckinghatetomhiddlestonjustonehiddles  lokihiddlestonlokincestlovelythor

m - z

matthewmurdokmattmurdorks midgardnavylockonlychrisevanspeterqvllphrongspxterquill rominatrixromvnovsexualthorientationshakspearesherloquesstrvdivariusthoriolanusthorlokidthorodinsohthorodnsonthorvalkyrietomhazeldinesurulokidweheartchrisevans   

your work has been a gift to mankind. (◡‿◡✿)

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what’s the red thing in between his waitcoast – nevermind

beaglebitch insanely-smart graymindlove

His tie. Eh but it’s grey. Oh it’s his boxer. Ha.

Oh for crying out loud!

coalea is there a problem?
Well it is Moscow, is it not?? We’ve seen the other Moscow gif. lokiwholockfactory graymindlove beaglebitch coalea
I think so, or is it London? So what’s that red thing guys? insanely-smart coalea HAHA

It’s from the Avengers premiere in Moscow ;)

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“Well, I did play Prince Hal.”

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Thor: The Dark World press conference in Seoul, South Korea 

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The many faces of Tom Hiddleston

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Unleash the cats. Tonight at 20:30 on ITV1. #XE (x)

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